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Picture Keeper Connect

Simple solution for backing up your pictures, videos, and contacts stored on your smartphone, tablet, and computer to protect your memories!

The Only Backup & Storage Solution for All Your Photos!

Not A Regular USB Flash Drive... It’s Simple to Use!
Automatically seeks out your photos and videos!
No dragging or dropping files!
No Internet! No Wifi! No Cloud! No Stress!
Just plug in & follow the simple steps to back up.
Easily Organize Your Pictures & Videos.
Transfer Photos, Videos & Contacts from Multiple Devices.
Doesn’t Duplicate Your Photos.
Buy it now!

It's as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Plug In

Picture Keeper Connect to your Apple or Android Smartphone.

Click "Start Backup"

Simply watch as your photos are automatically backed up with no duplication.

That's It!

Your photos are protected.
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